Colorado River - Moab Daily

Class:II+ / III
Put In: Hittle Bottom.
Take Out: Take Out Beach (Alternately, Sandy Beach).
Length: 14 - 15 miles.
Gradient: 2.5 FPM.
Time: 3 - 5 hours.
Character: Flat water interspersed with pool drop rapids.
Hazards: Nothing out of the ordinary. Cold water in the early season. Takes on some strong hydraulic characteristics and large features at high water (20k+).
Minimum Flow: 1500 CFS
Optimum Flow: 6000 - 35000 CFS
Current Flow
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Accommodations:The UWC usually camps at either Hittle Bottom Campground or at Upper Onion Creek Campground

There are many BLM campgrounds all along the river and a variety of lodging options are available in Moab.
Notes:The Moab Daily is a fun and very scenic run through Professor Valley upstream from Moab, Utah. The difficulty of the run is dependent on the flow. At flows below 6k, it is a very mellow class II run. Above 10k the fun picks up substantially. From 20k to 30k it becomes a solid class III run with some impressive features and challenging hydraulics.