Colorado River - Westwater

Class: IV
Put In: Westwater Ranger Station
Take Out: Cisco
Length: 17 miles.
Gradient: 9 FPM.
Time: 5 - 9 hours (Or one million years if the wind is blowing)
Character: Narrow committing gorge, continuous pool drop. Flat water paddle in and paddle out.
Hazards: Very committing and remote. Long swims possible, difficult swim recovery.
Minimum Flow: 1500 CFS
Optimum Flow: 3500 - 10000 CFS
Current Flow
Current Weather
Accommodations:Camping is available at the put in and also seems to be tolerated at the take out.
Notes:Westwater is one of the classic Utah big water runs. It is beautiful, remote, very committing and can be done in a long day or as an over night. Permits required. 5 miles of mostly flat water leads you to the inner gorge where the fun starts. The next 5 miles or so is almost constant class III and IV rapids in a narrow gorge. After the whitewater comes the difficult part. The 6 mile flat water (feels like it is uphill) paddle out. If you are unlucky enough to have a headwind it is going to be brutal.