Green River - Green River Daily

Class: II+ / III-
Put In: Butler Wash (Alternately Nefertiti for a longer run)
Take Out: Swasey Beach / Boat Ramp.
Length: 5 - 9 miles.
Gradient: 5.5 FPM.
Time: 2 - 4 hours.
Character: Mellow pool drop.
Hazards: Nothing unusual. Strong eddy lines at high water.
Minimum Flow: 1500 CFS
Optimum Flow: 4000 - 20000 CFS
Current Flow
Current Weather
Accommodations:The UWC used to normally camp at Swasey Beach but now it is a pay site and there are no reservations available making it difficult to coordinate. Currently we are not sure where our camping will take place for this trip

Lodging and camping can be had in the town of Green River.
Notes:The Green River Daily is a great beginner run at just about all water levels. It does not really become much more difficult at high water other than the hydraulics and strong eddy lines.