Leadership 2019

Cody Redmond  (President)
    I love going outside and doing things. I love Kayaking, MTB, Road Biking, Skiing, Snowmobiling, fishing and being in nature. I own a small business, and enjoy what I do. I have been Kayaking for about 10 years, and did not really find my passion for it until I found the club. I love assisting people in learning kayaking. I feel it's one of the best outdoor activities around in every season.

 Dustin Judd (Vice President)
  I am and avid outdoor enthusiast who loves anything on the water.  I have had the wonderful opportunity to fall in love with this sport over the last few years with the support from members in this club.  I look forward to the opportunity to do the same for others coming into the sport and to pass on what I have learned.  I still get the same feeling of freedom and adventure every time I get in my boat that I did the very first time years ago.

Melissa "Scooter" Connely (Treasurer)

I grew up in Salt Lake City, enjoying soccer, hiking, camping, mountain biking, and occasional whitewater rafting trips.  My first river kayaking experience was deep on a rafting trip in the Grand Canyon, and the hardshell has continued to feel magical every time I get in.  Going into my second truly full season of kayaking after some (non-kayaking-related) shoulder issues, I'm still working on becoming a solid mid-level boater and I like naming my boats with astronomy-based names.  I have yet to have any luck in the river permit lotteries, but I do feel lucky to have found a river family and be involved with the UWC.

Bennett Wohlfeld (Secretary)

Expert bio writer, ski in the winter, paddle (poorly) in the summer, engineer year-round. Easily recognizable by the paddle shorts with kitties and look of terror when encountering a rapid. Also the self-deprecating sense of humor and bio writing skills.

Soren Sorensen (Board Member)
    When I’m not Kayaking and running rivers, I have a job! For the past 30+ years I have been in the Floor Covering business. It’s been a good gig. In addition to kayaking I enjoy hiking, skiing, Snowmobiling, Harley rides, and my Grandson Wesley! My favorite color is Blue, and I like my coffee black. My dog, “Cash” is my best friend. I have been running rivers for years, but started kayaking at “57”and love it! My moto: “Old Guy’s Rule”!

Leslie Selin (Board Member)

Montana Girl

Leslie is raised and educated in western Montana

    Recently retired after 41 years as Medical Technologist in Clinical Laboratory Science.  She came to Salt Lake in 1986.  She is a mother, a quilter, a skier and an Olympic Volunteer and continues to do volunteer work with the championship events held at Deer Valley and other local venues.  She started whitewater kayaking with her husband under the tutelage of Gary Nichols in 2007 and progressively continues to support the Utah Whitewater Club and the sport. She presents herself as a cautious kayaker but there in nothing timid about her skills and the waters she has tackled.

Lonny Selin (Board Member)
    Utah born but raised in Georgia, Lonny started kayaking in 2007.  Also a recovering Medical Technologist.  Always a promoter of the Utah Whitewater Club and the whitewater kayaking sport.  He loves to teach and help people with their skills (and self confidence).  His greatest reward is the smiles and enthusiasm on beginner’s faces as they realize each progressive skill and their most recent experience on the river.  He has been a volunteer and coach at various local classes including our local chapter of TRR (Team River Runner) for Veterans.  Though not a Vet, himself, he feels that this might be his opportunity to serve. He is also involved with and supports the Boy Scouts.