Meeting Minutes

Utah Whitewater Club

Leadership Meeting

Thursday October 12th 2018

Location: Evergreen Library

Meeting Minutes

Voting Members:   


Soren Sorenson, President                                      Cody Redmond, Vice President

Stephen Lucich, Treasurer                                        David Pittenger, Secretary

Tim White, Trustee                                                    Lonny Selin, Trustee

Pam Moritz, Trustee


Establishment of a quorum (majority = 5 of 7) 12 members present

New Business:

        Meeting was held in Suite A of the Evergreen Library. We went over the Whitewater Clubs vision and purpose. 

Soren discussed the upcoming events and his responsibilities of each position of the board members

Cody discussed the Website, and Facebook page. Website and Facebook page needs updated. 

Stephen discussed the clubs financial statement

David discussed amount of current members. 

The Calendar for the Upcoming pool sessions was given out to members and board members. 

A tentative calendar for 2018 was introduced to  the board and members. 

The Election for 2018 was introduced and email sent to all members. 


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