Meeting Minutes

Utah Whitewater Club

Leadership Meeting

Wednesday March 25, 2015, at 7:00PM

Location: Soren’s home: 1879 Moor Mont Drive, SLC 84117

Meeting Minutes

Voting Members:   


Peter McLaughlin, President                                      Soren Sorensen, Vice President

Pam Moritz, Treasurer                                                  Brent Bisgrove, Secretary

Larry Stewart, Trustee                                                   Steve Moritz, Trustee

Stephen Lucich, Trustee


Establishment of a quorum (majority = 4 of 7) 7 members present, also present Lonny Selin.

New Business:

        Minutes from10-14-2014 meeting accepted.

        Peter summarized for the board the financial statement for 2015. The club is down 232.77 from the previous years balance with a current balance of 1729.07.

        The board decided to reserve and pay for 15 people for 2 nights at the Hittle Bottom campground for the Moab Daily Trip May 15, 16.

        Board members discussed ‘Event Coordinator, responsibilities and agreed on which of the club trips each will be leading.

        Film choices for the UWC Film Fest scheduled for 4-23-15 were finalized and the current state of swag collection was discussed. Ticket prices to be set at $15.00 and will include a Lifestraw water filter.

        The next UWC member meting to be held 4-15-2014. Peter to book room at Millcreek library.

        The next UWC leadership meeting to be held in mid/late September.


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