Green River Beginner Trip

See the Message Board for the latest info and carpooling.

The Beginner Trips are for the benefit of the newbies in the club, a chance to graduate from the pool and take it to the river, the real world of kayaking. Its also an opportunity for the more experienced boaters to get out and loosen up those winter-weary muscles. It also happens to be a great party, at least the first one. The actual date for the trips can vary depending on the weather, generally, and the whims of the organizers. But typically they start up in late April and run for about four weeks. This is how things go: 

Saturday morning - we'll travel down to Green River and rendezvous at Swazeys campground at 11:00 AM. Carpooling is encouraged. This may be the campground by the rapid or it may be downstream beyond the boat ramp. It depends on the size of the anticipated turnout. (Lot's of folks go down early, as early as Thursday, and make a long weekend out of it. It's a nice spot to camp.) Our first run will likely be a short one driving 5 miles up the river road to Butler Wash and starting there. The idea is to introduce the Noob to the river environment, with its currents and eddys and rock and sand, in a way that doesn't leave them totally freaked out. So we take it slow.

Plan on sticking around for the second run on Sunday. THIS IS IMPORTANT - ON THE SECOND DAY YOU"LL BE MUCH MORE RELAXED THAN ON THE FIRST! And more likely to stick with it. We drive home on Sunday afternoon. 

That's the plan, which, as usual, is subject to change. What won't change is when and where we meet. What we do on the river may deviate from the plan but the goal is to introduce the newbies to a real river and real river running. It will be fun!

We will plan on four consecutive weekends of these Beginner Trips to the Green.  If you're a noob make as many as you can. Mileage, mileage, mileage!

That's all for now. If you have questions please send them along.

PS - Be thinking about the gear you'll need. Besides a boat you'll need a paddle, spray skirt, life vest, and a helmet. And solid footwear (cheap sneakers). I can supply paddles, a boat or two, maybe a sprayskirt if you are a slender person, but it would be best if you could look around for gear rentals. The local universities have rec programs that rent boats. Check em out.

Gordon (435) 901-3965