Layton Wave Pool

This is a great way to get your boating ya-ya's in the middle of the deep, dark winter. The Layton Wave pool has a pumping device that creates actual waves, surfable waves even. Great fun and a great social gathering.

This year's session at the LWP will also serve as a membership drive - come renew your membership and  your LWP session will be free. In fact, the LWP sessions will be free to any current UWC member, and this includes family members too. Gotta love it.

Non members, $10.

Saturday, January 17th and March 28th, 7-10 PM.

The LWP is located at:

465 North Wasatch Drive 
Layton, UT 84041 

Here's URL to the google map:

It's easiest to get there by taking the N. Hill Field Road exit and turning right on West Gordon Ave., then right again on N. Fort Lane. Go down to Wasatch Drive, turn right again and go down a block or so. The wave pool's the big inflated dome on the right.  Got it, right?