Payette Soiree

See the Message Board for last minute info and carpooling.

Here are a few details to help ya plan:

Friday, July 24 - start off with the Gutter in Horseshoe Bend, around 10 am. This is a warm-up session. If you can ferry across the top drop at the Gutter without without washing down to the next level you'll be ready for (almost) anything the rest of the weekend. But of course we'll start at the lower, easier level (there are four). At 2 PM we meet at Banks for a run down the Main (Payette). Then retire to camp or sneak in a run down the Lower South Fork. THEN we call it a day. Of course you can do any run you want if you get a crew together. These are a just suggestions.
For those looking for a little Idaho hot spring relaxation an evening trip up to the Plunge (one hour's drive from camp along the scenic Middle Fork) is highly recommended.

Friday's dinner will be pot luck. Bring goodies.

Saturday - The Cabarton (Class III - recommended for noobs) or some combination of something like the Canyon (Class IV) and/or the Grandjean. And again, anyone is free to make their own agenda. Just stay safe and know what your getting into. Having an experienced person along would be wise. 

On Saturday night we eat the communal dinner, cooked on charcoal grills. The menu will be anything we can score at Winco that looks appetizing - probably burgers and dogs. For the vegans, it'll be portabella burgers.

Sunday - we'll conclude with a mass run down the Lower South Fork, walking Staircase and/or Slalom if you wish. If there are a significant number who want to do something milder then that can be arranged too.

Travel - you're on your own here but this email list and Eddyflower are your best bet for getting a carpool together.

Cost - FREE if your a UWC member, $5 if you're not and you'll have to fill out a form. You're on your honor here - we ain't gonna hunt you down. But if you don't sign the form, and you get wrecked, we will deny knowing you - after we patch you up. It's an insurance deal. Please sign the waiver.

That's all I can think of for right now. I'm sure there are more details but they have a way of working themselves. See ya'll next week. Call me if you have questiones.

And remember - we all look out for each other up there.


Take State Highway 55 north from Boise, 35 miles to Banks, Idaho. Turn east (right) on Forest Highway 24 (Banks-Lowman Highway). Go 17 miles upriver to the campground. Hot Springs campground is located just east of Garden Valley, Idaho on the left (north) side of the road. The south fork of the Payette river is across the road from the campground. There is a hot spring just above the river for your enjoyment.

Payette River Info